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                                               ‘Slow Down’
An 90 minute drama on road safety (true story)
Introduction to the story and its origins.
Brian has a girlfriend Karen. Brian has two good friends Joe and Barry. Joe's Dad has recently purchased a car for him All have just finished their leaving cert and are looking forward to the future. It is 21nd of June 1998, the longest day of the year.
For these four young people it would become the longest day of  
  their lives. 

'Brian O Louglin's story of life on the 21st of June was given to me as a personal account of the accident and the aftermath. It was fantastic that all concerned allowed me to develop this drama so that audiences could be inspired and at the same time reminded of the dangers on our roads. Brian's story is no different to most others and all are tragic. I thank him and the many families involved for their bravery and all the people who sat and listened to it'

Michael O Sullivan Artistic director
A Race against time’
An 90 minute drama on racism.
Introduction on racism from relevant research and resources followed by two short plays performed back to back.
Play one 
Selva and Heider have been friends since childhood in Berlin. They made a pact, a blood pact to be brothers forever but the war changes all that and the Jewish kid and his Christian friend get torn apart by the racist views of others.
Play two 
Kieran finds out he is adopted at the age of 32. His life is turned upside down as he goes in search of his birth mother only to find she is of mixed race thus affecting his beliefs.
The two plays identify with our attitudes to different races of people or even ourselves within our own villages towns and cities. 'The right side of town'
The second of these plays is actually a true story and poses the simple question 'If the colour of our skin was different would it matter?'
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