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                                 The Value of Life’

                    A 90 minute drama on mental health awareness

Introduction on mental health from research and resources followed by play.


Joe O Brian is having a bad day. He has no idea that he is suffering from depression. A number of simple events cause him to feel that he is a burden to those he cares about most. He has no idea he is suffering from stress and depression but thoughts about not fitting in have crossed his mind recently. It is like he cannot see the future  and his mind becomes more and more confused. As often happens a series of unfortunate events trigger a dark state of thought and that evening he decides to swallow an amount of tablets.


As he lays in bed he begins to dream and while doing so he meets his alter ego, in other words himself, but in the guise of a more confident arrogant person named Zalic who takes him on a trip through the life he 'could' have lived showing him all the positive events that make any average person’s life worthwhile. Zalic taunts him with the notion of love, hopes and dreams that we all begin life with and tells him how this will never come to pass because of his bad decision.

As he listens he clearly sees a picture emerging and he 'wants' life realising that this is not the way to go. The audience are given the choice. Let him live or die.


In the end Joe survives and realises the importance of communicating with others when you feel down and cannot explain why.


There is no mention of suicide in this presentation and humour is used at times to lighten the mood. The aim is to promote the idea that every individual has a future no matter how much of a burden they may feel to those around them. This is about positive mental health

This has become the second most successful and requested performance over the last number of years and it has encouraged many students under pressure to speak out regarding their feelings.

'I feel humbled by those students who found this play to be of help, It makes this job all the more worthwhile. For those who came forward and spoke I wish them a long and healthy life'

Mike O Sullivan, artistic director
for bookings phone Mike at 0868667207
or e-mail mrosactor@hotmail.com

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