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                     'The Mighty Bully Brady'

 A 90 minute play where the bully and victim are seen through the eyes of one actor. Questions and answers may follow if there is time.

Johnny and Peter his eventual victim live in the same housing estate. Peter comes to school by bus, Johnny gets a lift. In school they are not friends nor enemies but Peter has been out sick for weeks. On his return Johnny starts to taunt him for no apparent reason other than Peter reacts badly. 

Over the weeks ahead it gradually worsens. messages on social networking, name calling, humiliation in front of others, physical and mental threats, isolation.

Peter struggles with himself. He feels inferior and blames himself as many teenagers do. He keeps his thoughts and voice to himself allowing Johnny to dominate his space. Finally he finds he has no choice but to tell. Will this make it worse?

What the play does
It shows the audience how unknown to themselves they have become involved laughing at the names and taunts and acting like bystanders in a yard or canteen. This is pointed out at the end as they are reminded of the moments they found funny meant they to took an active part in bullying Peter.

Who should see it?
The play is adaptable and can be seen by any audience. If it's been performed at 1st years then the characters  are adapted to suit their age but it can also be seen by older audiences and Johnny and Peter draw closer to their age bracket. It other words it's flexible

Can I get references?
E-mail or ring at any time, leave a message and we will provide you with the nearest Principal, school or teacher as regards any and all performances listed on this site.

Does it cover cyber bullying?
Yes we do but it is worth remembering that this is not the only form of bullying and isolation is by far the worst form. The play and talk before hand delivers on all aspects of bullying including race, size, shape, name calling, isolation and cyber bullying.

Are there any special requirements?
No requirements for this or any other show on this site. A canteen, library, gym, double classroom or any space. performances are given in the semi round and there is no stage required. A minimum amount of props are used in staging any of the plays. three weeks notice of cancellation is required.

The performance has been to over three hundred secondary schools in Ireland in the last five years and seen upwards of a thousand performances including an Irish Times write. It is regarded as the foremost educational drama on the effects of bullying and returns year after year to regular schools.

For bookings ring Mike at 0868667207
e-mail humourfit at mrosactor@hotmail.com

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